Corporate Weekends

Better a cold day in Prague than a Sunny day in the office!

Why is shooting a fantastic corporate activity?



Adrenaline-fuelled experience, which aids communication and helps participants to:


Focus on achieving goals


Increase self-confidence


Bring out the drive in employees


Shooting is suitable for all groups, genders and abilities




Team building activity programmes are very popular for untrained or experienced individuals. Basic firearms skills are taught with practical shooting.


This is great for team interaction and development. These weekends have become regular throughout the year with great interest from various professions.


Shooting takes place at indoor and outdoor firing ranges. Live hunting shoots can be arranged prior to courses being held.


Czech it out! - Our designated shooting ranges are located outside the centre of Prague at rural locations.


We have many stag and hen parties attending the basic course as Prague is only one hour away from our many shooting ranges.


Prague offers a vast range of entertainment venues and bars, and is well-known for its nightlife.


Candidates will undergo strict instruction, which includes the information and safety brief in preparation before handling live firearms.


Different shooting ranges will be used including indoor and outdoor ranges at various locations and environments. All practical training is safely controlled under continual instruction from highly experienced, multi-lingual trainers. All trainees are provided with safety glasses and ear defenders that must be worn during all shooting programmes.


Course Fees

Basic Two-Day Firearms Course, with third day for sightseeing: £599.


We also offer a fully comprehensive package deal, including flights and accommodation for Prices to be confirmed


We usually run our courses with between five and 10 trainees. We feel that more than 10 is too many and under five the cost to the individual will increase. The price for the basic three-day course is offered on the assumption that there will be between five and 10 trainees.

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